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CNA Training Program Quality Care. Christian Atmosphere.

Through a partnership with Grace Lutheran Communities, we administer a state-approved 120-hour Certified Nursing Assistant Training program.

Our human resources team will walk with you through the process of applying for a position, registering for the CNA class and going through the training process. We’ll hire qualified candidates before you begin class, we pay for the course, and you’ll receive a paycheck while you’re taking the course.

Priority seating in the CNA courses is given to prospective employees. We do have a waiting list option for students who do not meet this criteria.

 CNA students spend time in both the classroom and clinical setting. Classroom instruction includes:

  • Basic nursing skills
  • Residents' rights
  • Safety and communications
  • Infection control

This information is first practiced in the classroom and then applied in the clinical setting.

Upon completion of the class, our prospective employees must take the state exam.

If you have questions about the process, please contact:
Bryan Bessa, Human Resources Director
Send Bryan an Email

We strongly encourage all students to take the state exam. Wisconsin certified C.N.A.s with the 120-hour course may transfer their certification to most states by some simple paperwork. Those individuals who have not completed a 120-hour course cannot practice as a C.N.A. in Wisconsin; they have to take the ENTIRE COURSE OVER. 

Although we are one of the only local employers who pay higher wages for C.N.A.s in assisted living, the difference between being certified could be the difference between making an additional $1500-$2500 per year!  That is a lot of money to miss out on by not taking a test. Our program has some of the highest pass rates in the state.  We are confident that you will be prepared for success and higher wages.

Having your C.N.A. also makes you eligible to work for a Medicare/Medicaid certified skilled nursing facility. 

Cost of the class for non-employees: $720.00 (includes state certification fee of $115)

Click here for a C.N.A. Class Application Form


C.N.A Class Schedule

Click here for the 2016 C.N.A. Class Schedule

Click here for the 2017 C.N.A. Class Schedule

Please submit applications to:

Human Resources, Attn: Bryan Bessa
Grace Lutheran Foundation
3410 Sky Park Blvd. P.O. Box 287
Eau Claire, WI 54702

Apply for our CNA Class Download our CNA Class Application form

CNA Class Application